The only lidocaine patch proven to stick for A FULL 12 HOURS.

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ZTlido sticks for a FULL 12 HOURS to provide relief from PHN pain
  • ZTlido delivers the same amount of pain medication (lidocaine) as conventional lidocaine 5% patches
  • But ZTlido has proven to be superior in STAYING ATTACHED versus conventional lidocaine 5% patches - for a FULL 12 HOURS.
  • Ask yourself: If a patch doesn't stick, does it work?



If you have persistent pain following shingles, ask your doctor if ZTLIDO is right for you.
Free samples may be available.

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ZTLIDO is proven to stick even during moderate exercise.

ZTLIDO is proven to remain in place for a full 12 hours, even with moderate exercise.

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Talk with your healthcare provider to find out if ZTLIDO may be right for you.

How to use ZTLIDO
1 Step 1

Select the application site, keeping in mind that ZTLIDO should only be applied to clean, dry, intact skin to cover the most painful area. ZTLIDO may be cut with scissors prior to removing the release liner if the application site is smaller than the unit.

2 Step 2

Using scissors, carefully cut the envelope along the dotted line and open it to remove ZTLIDO.

3 Step 3

Remove the transparent release liner before applying ZTLIDO to your skin. It’s important to apply ZTLIDO, sticky side down, to your skin as quickly as possible after removing the transparent release.

4 Step 4

Press the ZTLIDO down firmly, including the edges, and use your fingers to smooth it out.

5 Step 5

Wash your hands right away after applying ZTLIDO. Be careful not to touch your eyes until after you have washed your hands.

To remove ZTLIDO, fold it so that the sticky sides stick together. Throw away the whole or cut pieces where children and pets cannot get to them. Wash your hands after removing ZTLIDO.

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If you suffered from shingles, you may be at risk for PHN

PHN is a complication of shingles that causes intense, burning pain to the skin

Symptoms of PHN include:

  • Sharp and burning pain that lasts 3 months or more after shingles have gone away
  • Sensitivity to touch
  • Itching and numbness

Unfortunately, there is no cure for PHN. However, there are treatment options, such as ZTLIDO, to help relieve the pain associated with PHN.


Red shading indicates which parts of the body may be affected by PHN. 

Contact of ZTLIDO with the eyes should be avoided.

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