ZTLIDO is designed with advanced adhesion technology

The only topical lidocaine patch with proven 12-hour adhesion1,2

  • With ZTLIDO, 90% of patients experienced essentially no lift off the skin after 12 hours1
  • ZTLIDO maintained adhesion during moderate exercise, with no significant effect on pharmacokinetics1,2
  • If edges detach, they can be reattached by pressing back down1


Differences in product characteristics: ZTLIDO vs Lidoderm® Proven bioequivalence with less medication1

ZTLIDO uses less drug to provide equivalent lidocaine exposure compared to Lidoderm®.1

Peak concentrations

In clinical trials, the ZTLIDO topical system with a 1.8% concentration of 36 mg of lidocaine achieved bioequivalence to Lidoderm® 5% concentration of 700 mg. While ZTLIDO contains less medication than Lidoderm®, it delivers the same amount of lidocaine to the application site as Lidoderm® 5%.1,3

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ZTLIDO 1.8% delivers the same amount of lidocaine as Lidoderm® 5%2

ZTLIDO ComparisonLidoderm Comparison

*ZTLIDO 1.8%: 43.99 ± 17.62 mg/3 topical systems; Lidoderm®  5%: 43.74 ± 18.22 mg/3 patches

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Differences in product characteristics: ZTLIDO vs Lidoderm®2
LighterEasy to useGreater than ten times more bioavailable
How to apply ZTLIDO

Your patients can learn how to properly apply and remove ZTLIDO by viewing the video at ZTLIDO.com.

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